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Whatever your luxury yacht or boat rental requirements, we have a Pattaya boat charter for you. Although smaller parties are more than welcome, all our fleet of yachts docked at the Ocean Marina Pattaya are capable of accommodating anywhere from 15 to 60 day passengers. Our party boat rental selection extends those numbers up to 150 passengers.

Perfect for those guests who are aiming for a Pattaya yacht charter, that oozes satisfaction and sophistication. This yacht charter has almost everything you could ever need, including a great internet connection, perfect to update your favourite social media platform of your Pattaya island journey, making your friends envious.
With all the great things to do on our yachts for hire, there is no doubt you will be provided with a pleasure that you never imagined possible. Whichever yacht you charter, we have professional crew members ready to serve your every need. All our yacht and boat rental vessels are well built and designed, meeting the highest safety and passenger standards.
Delicious food and beverages are provided, and you can choose menu from different delicious cuisines.
Make your fantasy a reality through availing services, that are of great standards and high class performance. Charter a yacht at Pattaya and discover the islands, secluded beaches and so much more, creating memories that will be treasured forever. Check out the details below, for a complete list of superyacht and boat rental suggestions from Pattaya Boat Hire.


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With so many yacht charter and boat rental options, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Get in touch with us today to plan your perfect vacation charter.