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Pattaya Islands

“Relax, Recharge and Restored.”

When we are running in our offices to meet our targets that are sometimes as tough as climbing the toughest peak on this planet, there are moments when we sit down to catch our breath. In those sparse moments, the most frequent and appealing thought is of a break, a getaway from this official chaos where we can spend our time relaxing, rejuvenating ourselves and on top of that have little fun too. And as the whole world knows, a great Beach can just do the trick.

The Beaches

Luckily, there is not one Beach but a number of great beaches located in close proximity, these Pattaya islands offer us all those ingredients that goes in making a refreshing, stupendous break where we can create moments worth cherishing. Because of our revealing title it must be pretty obvious by now that we are talking about great beaches of Thailand which are so popular tourist destinations that they are swarmed with people from all around the Globe. So here are some exotic locations that should be visited to extract the maximum out of your vacation.

Fun for young and Old

Pattaya is a coastal city that is always awake to intoxicate your senses. Great Beaches of Pattaya with their long crescent coastline offer you all, with North Pattaya accentuating calmness with it gradual slopes that are ideal for swimming. It’s brown, red sand and the light blue sea are definitely a treat for our eyes. If you are looking for some adrenaline rush, then Central Pattaya Beach can present you with options for Jet-ski, Banana Boat, Speed Boat, and Paragliding, etc. But if you are looking to get closer to nature there are some islands near Pattaya that will mesmerize you with their sublime beauty.

Koh Rin

The magical Koh Rin Island where the width of the beach dramatically changes with the tide. The Drop-off is so significant that at low tide you are able to see tropical fishes like Angelfish, Lionfish, Stingray, Barracuda, Trevally, etc. moving in their natural habitat while you are relaxing on powdery white sand. At the time of High Tide, this Pattaya island presents the perfect opportunity for an opulent snorkeling and diving experience in which you can naturally blend in with the exquisite coral world. It takes around 90 minutes to reach this island near Pattaya and can be easily termed as snorkeling heaven.

Monkey Island or Koh Ling

Monkey Island or Kho Ling is a hidden world where Sassy Thai Samaye Monkeys greet the visitors. These untamed but friendly primates greet the tourists in their own ways with some even swimming to your Boats. Officially called a Long Tailed Macaque these primates impatiently look towards tourist boats exporing the Pattaya Islands, expecting something that they can feed into their mouth from every arrival. The population of these primates here has grown beyond island’s natural capabilities of providing them enough food, and they are actually dependent on tourist offerings and handouts from Government bodies for their survival. This island is a short 30 minutes drive from Pattaya through luxury boats and in line with responsible tourism one is advised to take fruits, nuts instead of soft drinks and wafers for the hungry and waiting primates.

Koh Kharam

Koh Kharam is an uninhabited island that can be reached from Pattaya by Charted Yachts or Boats. Blessed with serene beauty, this Pattaya island is home to protected sea turtles and is a part of marine protection zone controlled by Royal Thai Marines. This enchanted island is blessed with crystal clear water, encircling coral reefs bursting with marine life, caressing powdery white sand and overlooking limestone cliffs in the south recreating Phuket’s famous Phang Nga Bay. During Turtle Breeding season, this Pattaya Island is out of bound for Tourists hence travel to this island should be planned in advance

Koh Larn

The Coral Island Kho Larn, which is about 15 minutes from Pataya via speed boat is the most visited island in the Pattaya archipelago. The Island is famous for its surrounding coral reefs and white sandy beaches. The terrain of this Pattaya island is mountainous covered with heavy vegetation. For people looking to pump some adrenalin in their body, there is a well-placed infrastructure for Parasailing, Jet-ski, hiking, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.

Koh Phai

The Bamboo island, kho Phai is a pristine piece of land in the Bay of Bangkok. It is uninhabited and is a protected area under the supervision of Royal Thai Navy. It is the biggest island near Pattaya known for its serene beauty and tranquility. It is the heavenly peace of this beautiful island that attracts regular sunbathers, scuba divers, and snorkelers. The underwater natural corals brimming with rich marine life offer a captivating experience that is unparallel in and around Pattaya.

Koh Man Wichai

Koh Man Wichai is also a remarkable island near Pattaya and is famous for divers for the diving experience it offers. It’s famous dive site is called “The fingers” as a coral wall and a rock formation there resembles fingers of a man pointing toward the ocean. After diving from this point while returning to their boats, divers cross hard reef where they are accompanied by huge shell barracudas that are a quite an experience in itself. It is located little south of Kho Phai Island.

Sai Kaew Beach

Besides the above beautiful islands near Pattaya, there is a place in the mainland located about 30 km south of Pattaya that will offer you one of the best retreats. Maintained by the Royal Thai Navy, The Sai Kaew Beach offers an atmosphere full of peace that overwhelms your senses, and you start feeling unbound while walking along the beautiful shoreline dotted with Palm Trees.

Now after a few hundred words we definitely know that islands around Pattaya can offer all that we can ask to make our much-needed refreshing break perfect. But the job is not completely done until we know how to encompass all these beautiful Pattaya islands in one trip. The solution is very simple and very rewarding also.

There are a number of operators in Pattaya who offer Speed Boats, Motor Cruisers, Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts, Catamarans, Party Boats, Fishing Boats and Super Luxury Yachts on charter for trips to these islands. These Catamarans or luxury Yachts on charter have best in class facilities to fulfill your whims and fancies. If you are holidaying with your buddies or colleagues, a private luxury yacht on charter will definitely add more fun, charm and memories to your vacation. After all, this is how a much-needed break should be.

So even in the midst of the most draining chaos, take a moment and imagine yourself being pampered lavishly on the luxury boat while on your way to some of the most beautiful Pattaya islands and beaches in Thailand. What do you feel? You feel a surge of your energy even when you stand drained. So now my question is how electrifying the real experience will be? Only one way to find out, go and experience the Pattaya archipelago.


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